BSE Advisory Committee
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BSE Advisory Committee
Sr. No. Name Organisation  
1 Shri. Sudhakar Rao BSE Ltd. Chairman
2 Shri. Akhilesh Chaudhary Quadeye Securites Pvt. Ltd. Member
3 Shri. Anup Bagchi ICICI Securites Ltd. Member
4 Shri. Atul Gupta Adroit Financial Services Ltd. Member
5 Shri. D K Aggarwal SMC Global Securities Ltd. Member
6 Shri. Kamlesh Shah Total Securities Ltd. Member
7 Shri Neeraj Choksi NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd Member
8 Shri R. Venkatraman IIFL Capital Ltd. Member
9 Shri S. K. Jindal Jindal Exports and Imports Pvt. Ltd. Member
10 Shri. Sanjay Singh BNP Paribas Securities India Pvt. Ltd Member
11 Shri Shashi Bhushan Way2Wealth Brokers Pvt Ltd Member
12 Shri. Siddharth Shah J. G. A Shah Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Member
13 Shri. Sonal Jain CLSA India Ltd. Member
14 Shri. Virender Mansukhani Mansukh Stock Brokres Ltd. Member
15 Shri. S.K. Rustagi Ortem Securities Limited Member
16 Shri. Dhiraj Relli HDFC Securities Ltd Member

Board Decisions Pertaining to BSE Advisory Committee Recommendations

Committee Meeting Date  
08 June 2015
19 Mar 2015
09 Dec 2014
09 Dec 2014
11 Sept 2014
26 May 2014
11 March 2014
20 November 2013
12 August 2013
18 April 2013
16 October 2012