Investor Charter
1. Mission and Vision statement for Investors

  • Mission
    • To provide transparent, equitable and reliable markets with timely and accurate information dissemination for investors.
    • To provide the highest standards of investor education, investor awareness and investor protection and timely services.
  • Vision
    To provide a safe, equitable, transparent and trusted platform for investors to participate across asset classes with highest standards of integrity for investors.

2. Business transacted by the exchange wrt investors

The exchange facilitates various products for investors to participate across asset classes viz Equity, Derivatives, Debt, Mutual Funds, Government securities etc. Details available on the link:

3. Services provided by the exchanges to investors

Exchange provides various services to investors electronically through its online platform and physically through the dedicated investor service centers set for this purpose. Details available on the link

The information on companies listed on Exchange:

4. Grievance redressal mechanism

  • (1) Mode of filing the complaints: Complaints can be lodged on the Exchange in the following ways:
  • (2) Regarding documents required for complaint resolution and Multi-level dispute resolution mechanism available at the Exchange please refer to link

    • Documents required for complaint resolution:
      • Complete Account Opening Kit
      • Contract notes
      • Ledger statement
      • Bank statement
      • Demat transaction statement
      • Any other document in support of claim
    • Multi-level dispute resolution mechanism available at the Exchange:
  • (3) Timelines for Complaint Resolution Process at Exchanges

    Sr. NoType of ActivityExpected Timelines for activity
     Against Stock Brokers  
    1Receipt of Complaint Day of complaint (C Day)
    2Additional information sought from the investor, if any,  and provisionally forwarded to stock broker C + 7 Working days
    3Registration of the Complaint and forwarding to the stock broker C+8 Working Days i.e. T day
    4Amicable Resolution T+15 Working Days
    5Refer to Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC), in case of no amicable resolution T+16 Working Days
    6Complete resolution process post GRC T + 30 Working Days
    7In case where the GRC Member requires additional information, complete resolution shall take place within T + 45 Working Days
    8Implementation of GRC Order On receipt of GRC Order, debit the funds of the stock broker
    9Complainant/ Broker, if not satisfied, by IGRC decision can avail arbitration mechanism

    Within 6 months from the date of IGRC recommendation

    10 In case of receipt of arbitration intention Obtain an undertaking from the client and pay 50% of the award or 2 lakhs whichever is less to the client from the IPFT, in case GRC order is upto Rs. 20 lacs
    11 Arbitration not filed within 6 months from the GRC Order Obtain Undertaking from the client and Release 50% amount to the client. Replenish 50% amount to the IPF
    12 Completion of arbitration proceedings Within 4 months from the date of the final appointment of arbitrator
    13 Completion of appellate proceedings Within 3 months from the date of the final appointment of arbitrator
     Against Companies - (Not Applicable for Commodities Markets)
    1 Complaint handling  
    1.1 Complaint received in SCORES by the listed company T day
    1.2 Response to be obtained from Listed Company T + 30
    1.3 If no response received, alert to Listed company in the form of reminder for Non - redressal of complaint T+31
    1.4 Response to be obtained from Listed Company T+60

5. Rights and Obligations of investors :

For rights and obligations please refer to the link

6. Guidance pertaining to special circumstances related to market activities: Default of Brokers

  • (1) When a Broker defaults, the Exchange carries out the following steps for benefit of investor:
    • Dissemination on Exchange website informing with regards to the default of the Broker
    • Issue of Public Notice informing declaration of default by a Broker and inviting claims within specified period
    • Intimation to clients of defaulter stock brokers via Emails and SMS for facilitating lodging of claims within specified period
  • (2) Following information made available on Exchange Website for information of Investors:
    • • Norms for eligibility of claims for compensation from IPF.
    • • FAQ on processing of investors’ claims against Defaulter Broker
    • • Form for lodging claim against defaulter Broker
    • • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for handling of Claims of Investors in the Cases of Default by Brokers
    • • Provision to check online status of claims on Exchange Website
  • (3) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Handling of Claims of Investors in the Cases of Default by Stock Brokers

    Sr. NoActionTimeline
     Against Stock Brokers  
    1Disablement of the Stock Broker T day
    2Pre-filled forms to be sent to clients providing information regarding  balances with the stock broker T+30 days
    3Claim lodgement

    Clients to fill the claim form and provide the supporting documents 

    Within 30 days of receipt of pre-filled form

    However, client can lodge claims till the end of 3 years from the date of the public notice provided
    4Processing of claims and auditing of claims

    Within 60 days of receipt of the claim form from the clients.

    5Declaration of stock broker as defaulter

    Within 90 days from date of disablement (on account of triggering of SOP)

    (T+90 days)
    6Public Notice regarding declaration of defaulter Within 3 working days from the date of declaration of defaulter
    7Approval of the claim (by IPF Trust on the basis of recommendation of MCSGFC and Intimation to the clients regarding admissibility of the claim and  disbursal of the eligible amount Within 15 days of declaration of default

7. Dos and Don’ts - Advisory for Investors

  • a) Do’s of Investing:
  • b) Do’s for Grievance Redressal:
  • c) Don’ts of Investing:

Please refer below link for above: