Complaint against Companies

Investor Grievances

BSE has established a Department of Investors Services (DIS) to redress investors' grievances. Since its establishment in 1986, the DIS has played a pivotal role in enhancing and maintaining investors' faith and confidence by resolving their grievances either against listed companies or against BSE's Trading Members.

Investors Grievances against Listed Companies

Investors are expected to submit their complaints in the prescribed Complaint form at the address mentioned below or to the nearest Regional Investor Service Centre of BSE or submit via email on along with necessary supporting documents. While registering a complaint, kindly ensure valid email id and mobile number is entered. The complaint will be taken in records once all the required details are clearly given in the prescribed complaint form with signature of the complainant.

Investor can also lodge a complaint through email or through the facility provided on BSE's website under Investor section " e-Complaint Registration"

Additionally, investor can also lodge a complaint on SCORE, a web based centralized grievance redressal system of SEBI.

Investors' complaints against listed companies are forwarded by BSE to the concerned companies, with a copy sent to the complainant. The investors are advised to inform BSE if the complaints are not resolved within 30 days. If a company fails to redress the complaint within 30 days, BSE sends a reminder to the company and follows-up with the companies and / or their Registrar & Transfer Agents, to resolve such complaints.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has issued circular No. SEBI/HO/OIAE/IGRD/CIR/P/ 2020/152 dated August 13, 2020, regarding handling of SCORES complaints by Stock Exchanges and Standard Operating Procedure for non-redressal of grievances by listed companies.

A "Z" category company indicates that it has not complied with various provisions of the Listing Regulations. Through creation of "Z' category, BSE cautions investors to be more careful in their investments in such companies.

Visit of Registrar & Transfer Agents to BSE

BSE regularly organizes visits of Registrars & Transfer Agents (RTAs) at its Registered Office to allow Trading Members and / or Investors to have direct interface with Registrars of listed companies for redressal of complaints against companies listed on BSE.

Complaints against Listed Companies taken up by Exchange:

The Investor Services Cell of the Exchange deals with the complaints of investors against the listed companies. Generally, the complaints of following nature are taken up for resolution by the Exchange:

  • Complaints related to Public / Further offerings:
    a) Allotment Advice, securities allotted, refund order
    b) Interest on delay in Redemption / Refund Amount
    c) Sale Proceeds of Fractional Entitlement
    d) Composite Application Form (CAF) for Rights offer Rights for (CAF) Application
    e) Securities purchased through a Rights Offer
    f) Letter of offer for Buyback

  • Complaints related to Corporate Actions:
    a) Dividend
    b) Interest on Debentures, Bonds or other Debt Instruments
    c) Securities on account of a Bonus / De-merger / Merger / Stock Split
    d) Redemption Amount

  • Complaints related to Transfer of Securities:
    a) Securities after Dematerialization/Rematerialization
    b) Securities after Transfer/Transmission
    c) Duplicate Certificate relating to Securities

  • Miscellaneous complaints:
    a) Complaint regarding non-receipt of copy of the Annual Reports
    b) Non updation of address /Signature or Corrections etc.
    c) Receipt of securities/refund/ dividend in physical mode instead of electronic mode

Complaints not taken up at Exchange

The Investor Services Cell of the Exchange will not be in a position to deal with certain types of complaints. Illustrative list of nature of complaints that would not be handled by Investor Services Cell are as under:
  • a) Complaints pertaining to securities not listed on the Exchange
  • b) Complaints for refund of postal charges, telephone expenses and miscellaneous charges
  • c) Compensation for mental agony, harassment
  • d) Notional loss due to delay in receipt of shares sent for transfer or after IPO
  • e) Complaints which fall outside the purview of the listing agreement and not related to the Exchange
  • f) Pledge and assignment of shares
  • g) Inability of complainant to establish ownership of security.

The contact persons for complaint against Companies are as under :

BSE Investor Service Centre
Cama Building, 1st floor,
Dalal Street,
Fort, Mumbai – 400001
Contact Person: Mr. Yatin Bhavsar / Mr. Arun Manjrekar
Tele. No.: 022 – 22728016/ 22728282
E-mail Id:

The investors can also approach the nearest Regional Investor Service Centre :

Regional Centres - BSE Investor Service Centres