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Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers
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Security CodeSecurity NameName of Acquirer/
Promoter Group
Transaction PeriodAcq/
Mode of Buy/SaleNo. of Shares/
Voting Rights/
Warrants Transacted
Holding After
Regulation Reported to
Exchange Date
Quantity%Quantity% (w.r.t Total Capital)% (w.r.t Diluted Capital)
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Amit AgrawalYes12/07/2017ACQMarket200000.99385420019.22029(2) 14 Jul 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.ECL Finance LtdNo06/07/2017 Encumbrance Against Loan/dues    2.0229(1) 13 Jul 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.ECL Finance Ltd No07/07/2017 Encumbrance Against Loan/dues    6.0829(1) 10 Jul 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Amitara Industries LtdNo30/03/2017SALEMarket5680002.835323302.65029(2) 05 Apr 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Amitara Industries LtdNo28/03/2017SALEMarket9750004.8611003305.49029(2) 31 Mar 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Amit AgrawalYes28/03/2017ACQMarket9750004.86383420019.12029(2) 30 Mar 2017
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Kailash Agrawal 28/01/2011SALE 7456003.72   7(3) 04 Feb 2011
531543JINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.Saroj Agrawal 28/01/2011SALE 300000014.96   7(3) 04 Feb 2011