About EGR
The Instruments representing gold in electronic form is termed as Electronic Gold Receipts (EGRs) and is notified as securities, with trading, clearing and settlement features similar to other securities that are currently available in India. BSE is the first exchange in India to launch Electronic Gold Receipts (EGR).

Benefits Exchange Gold Receipts (EGR)
  • Electronic, Effective and Transparent Platform for Bullion Trading
  • Efficient Price Discovery and Standardization of Gold
  • Assurance in the Quality of Gold
  • Settlement Guarantee to the Investors
  • Fungibility of the gold delivery

Silent Features of EGR

Regulator Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Segment New Segment on BSE
Eco System SEBI | Exchanges | Clearing Corporations | Depositories | Vault Managers
Asset Class Securities under the SCRA 1956
Vault Managers Facilitate Deposit & Withdrawal of Gold, Storage of Gold and Creation & Extinguishment of EGRs
Market Timings 09:00 AM– 9:30 PM, Mondays - Fridays
Margin VaR + ELM + MTM
Settlement T+1
Collateral EGR is accepted as collateral with 20% haircut
Gold Deposit & Withdrawal Timings From 10:00 AM to 03:00PM |
EGR will be credited in demat account at T+1 and Physical gold can be collected at T+1
Fungibility of vault Option of choosing any vault across nation
Market Participants Retail Investor, Jewelers, Bullion Traders, Refineries, etc

Product Specifications

Script Code MG100G1B95 MG100G1B99 G1G10B95 G1G10B99 G10G100B95 G10G100B99
Trading Unit 100 Milligrams 100 Milligrams 1 Gram 1 Gram 10 Grams 10 Grams
Deposit Unit / Withdrawal Unit 1 Gram 1 Gram 10 Grams 10 Grams 100 Grams 100 Grams
Purity 995 999 995 999 995 999
Price Quote Re per 100 Milligrams Re per 100 Milligrams Re per Gram Re per Gram Re per 10 Gram Re per 10 Gram
Tick Size 0.10 Re 0.10 Re 1 Re 1 Re 1 Re 1 Re

* Script Code Details:

  • Trading Unit: G1= 1 Gram (5000-5001), G10= 10 gram (50000-50001)
  • Deposit / Withdrawal Unit: G10= 10 Gram, G100= 100 gram,
  • Settlement cycle: T0= A, T1=B, T2=C,
  • Purity: 995=95, 999=99

EGR Transaction Flow

EGR Transaction Flow