Bulk Deals
As on 17 Jul 19
Listed below are the Bulk Deals reported by the Members.

All Prices in ₹
Deal DateSecurity CodeSecurity NameClient NameDeal Type *QuantityPrice **
17/07/2019537766BCPACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.B304,78045.31
17/07/2019537766BCPACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.S304,78044.82
17/07/2019542727CPMLKALPANA BIDAWATKAS28,00030.00
17/07/2019536709INDRENEWAMIT JUGRAJ JAINB50,86519.49
17/07/2019530733NOVAPUBNIRMAL KUMAR CHOPRAS17,70015.80
17/07/2019538607TOYAMINDMANISH RAMESHBHAI VYASS1,200,0004.58

* B - Buy, S - Sell
** = Weighted Average Trade Price / Trade Price

Note :

  1. The above data is subject to change, based on the request of the members who have executed the deals.
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