Consolidated - Pledge data
Name of the Company (1) Total Number of Issued Shares [A+B+C] (2) Total Promoter Holding (3) Total Public Holding (4) Promoter Shares Encumbered as of last quarter (5) Disclosures made by promoters on their encumbered shares under Regulation 31 of SAST since the last quarter (6) No. of shares pledged in the depository * system (7)
No of Shares [A] % [A]/[A+B+C] [B] No of Shares [X] % of promoter shares [X]/[A] % of total shares [X]/[A+B+C] No. of shares pledged Total no. of demat shares
{{cp.SRNO}} {{cp.CompanyName}} {{cp.TOTAL_NO_OF_ISSUED_SHARES}} {{cp.NoofShares_TOTAL_PROMOTER_HOLDING}} {{cp.Percentage_TOTAL_PROMOTER_HOLDING}} {{cp.Public_NoofShares_HOLDING}} {{cp.PROMOTEREncum_NoOfshares}} {{cp.PROMOTEREncum_Percof_PromoterShares|number:2}} {{cp.PROMOTEREncum_Percof_TotalShares|number:2}} {{cp.sQtrName}} {{cp.Noofsharespledged}} {{cp.TotalNoofShares}}
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A-Promote Holding, B-Public Holding, C- Shares held by custodians against DRs
* Data source - NSDL & CDSL