Trade Check System
As a part of our endeavor towards a transparent marketplace, BSE pioneered the "Trade Check " (Trade Verification System) for the Equity segment on our website.

This unique facility allows investors to verify their transactions done recently over the website. All that is required of investors is to match the details mentioned in the Contract Note with the Trade Check System.

How do I verify trades on BSE?

The Trade Check allows any investor, to directly verify his / her trades done at BSE.

Steps to verify the trades

For verifying trades, please enter the relevant trade data which includes Trade Date, Security Code, Client Code and (Order No. or Trade No.) as given in the Contract Note.

Once you enter the valid information, the system will provide the result.

The same result can be emailed to you.

How long is the information available?

The information is available in the system for the preceding 5 trading days.