BSE and Sustainability
Sustainability in a general sense can be seen as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Environmentalists have long warned that our current patterns of economic growth and resource consumption, so severely threaten the earth's carrying capacity that ecological collapse is likely, if not inevitable.
BSE being a responsible stock exchange is taking various initiatives in the domain of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. BSE has launched theme based indices like S&P BSE Carbonex and S&P BSE Greenex. BSE is also participating in the sustainable stock exchanges initiative. BSE has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to launch corporate social responsibility index.

  • BSE's Guidance Document on ESG Disclosures
    BSE’s ESG Guidance document is a product of joint cooperation of various stakeholders. It intends to capture the best of progressive ESG thinking and will be updated on an ongoing basis. Catering to voluntary adoption of certain norms is our contribution to the seriousness about respecting interests of various stakeholders. BSE is committed to promote sustainable practices with a belief that businesses will only be successful in the long run if their models respect the triple bottom line of “profit, planet and people”.
    BSE Guidance Document on ESG Disclosures

  • WFE Sustainability Survey
    WFE member exchanges continue to play their part actively, promoting ESG disclosure,creating listings frameworks for sustainability-linked products and educating market participants. BSE's many such initiatives are exhibited in the WFE Sustainability Surveys.
  • SEBI’s BRSR -GRI standards Linkage Document
    Global Reporting initiative ("GRI") and BSE have entered a formal MoU to collaborate and enable the Sustainability Reporting process for Listed Corporates. This collaboration led to the successful creation and launch of a linkage document that is designed to show companies how requirements under the SEBI Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (“BRSR”) Framework correspond to the GRI Standards and disclosures. This Linkage document was formally launched virtually on April 19, 2022 in collaboration with BSE.
    SEBI’s BRSR -GRI standards Linkage Document

  • Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE)

  • Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE)
    The United Nations had been playing a catalyzing role through a series of Global Dialogues - held in New York (2009), Xiamen (2010) and Rio de Janeiro (2012) - the initiative had become a platform for exploring how exchanges can work with investors, regulators and companies to enhance corporate sustainability and promote responsible investment.

    The Exchange's pro-active work had been noticed by UNCTAD. UNCTAD has approached BSE to get on board of SSE by signing the commitment letter to promote long term sustainable investment and improved environmental, social and corporate governance disclosure

    BSE is the first stock exchange from Asia to join Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative.

    "We are hopeful that this initiative would help us in further introducing a culture of sustainable business practices amongst BSE's listed companies" BSE's MD & CEO Ashishkumar Chauhan.

    The S&P BSE CARBONEX aims to provide the investors with an index that is indicative of companies' commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change and moving forward to tackle the environmental challenges of the coming years.

    It uses comprehensive data acquired from independent providers of sustainibility data and companies' public disclosures and tracks the underlying benchmark index 'S&P BSE 100 Index' closely.

    AIPL (Asia Index Private Limited, JV of BSE and SPDJI) is the index calculating partner with BSE for S&P BSE CARBONEX. RobecoSAM shall be the knowledge partner and CDP India would continue to be data provider for the Index.

    S&P BSE CARBONEX Index View
    BSE launched the S&P BSE GREENEX index in February 2012 by Dr. (Shri) M. VeerappaMoily, Hon'ble Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and erstwhile Minister of Corporate Affairs. This index uses S&P BSE 100 universe and is a veritable first step in creating a credible market based response mechanism in India, whereby both businesses and investors can rely upon purely quantitative and objective performance based signals, to assess "carbon performance". This is a leader's index that comprises of twenty five companies that are good in terms of the Green House Gases (GHG) emissions including offsetting, Market Capitalization and the Liquidity in the market.

    S&P BSE GREENX Index View
  • BSE - SEBI Clause 55 Business Responsibility Reporting (BRR)
    SEBI had, in August 2012, issued a circular on Business Responsibility Reporting, which follows from the National Voluntary Guidelines (NVG) on Social, Environmental and Economical Responsibilities of Business being brought out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in July 2011, both of which speak of the pressing responsibilities that businesses have to shoulder today in order to make way for a sustainable future and a safer environment for our businesses, our society, and our planet.

    SEBI mandated inclusion of Business Responsibility Reports ("BR reports") as part of the Annual Reports for listed entities. Therefore, in line with the objective to enhance the quality of disclosures made by listed entities, certain listing conditions are specified by way of inserting Clause 55 in the equity Listing Agreement.

    BSE is working closely with SEBI to monitor the BRR compliance details filed by companies.

    Click here to view Clause 55 related circulars issued by SEBI for your ready reference
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