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FASTRADE™ is a terminal based and Internet based Market access solution developed by Marketplace Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of BSE Limited.

  • FASTRADE is a powerful real time trading solution which allows the user to watch market prices and execute orders in multiple exchanges and markets instantaneously by real time price streaming.
  • Only OMS to be empanelled with ALL EXCHANGE (BSE/USE/NSE/MCX/NCDEX) SEGMENTS –(Equity/Derivative/Commodity/Currency)
  • Integrated with leading Banks/DPs/BOs

FASTRADE – Access Modes

EXE – For High Speed Traders/Arbitrageurs Administrators/Internet Clients
BSE FastTrade

Web Based Trading through browser , compatible with all the leading browsers

BSE FastTrade

Trade On The Move - Allows users to place orders/watch Live Quotes on their Mobiles

BSE FastTrade

Time Quotes On ALL Versions i.e.Exe,Browser,Mobile
  • Market Watch
  • User Defined MWs
  • Formulae Based MWs
  • MWs for DPs,Top Gainers /Losers,Value,Volume
  • N Tier Hierarchy
  • Mini Admins
  • Fully Customizable Keys
  • Fully Customizable Reports
  • Easy User Management
  • Real Time Charts

Risk Management
  • Set Access Rights at Exchange / Segment / User / Scrip / Group levels for users
  • Right Limits on basis of Deposits , Contracts, Scrip's , Quantity , Volumes & Values
  • Risk Profiling on basis of Users / Mini Admins / Dealers
  • Group Definitions
  • Online Surveillance
  • MTM Calculation and Blocking of users on MTM limits set on real time basis
  • Data privacy over internet using SSL.
  • Secured through - 2 FA /SSL/Transaction Password/ IP Based Login
  • Multiple Reports can be generated from Trades / orders to login log report including the IP addresses

Trade Tool – A step ahead of others
  • EXCEL Based trading – Self paced using macros / formulae’s with real time Quotes/Inquiries
  • Multi quote order panel to place orders with profit target in the same order
  • Buy / sell orders at the same time for hedging purpose / trading
  • Multi leg market watch for creation of trading strategies using self defined formulae's
  • Multi leg market watch with option to create 9 legs in a single view
  • Charts with multiple charting techniques.

BSE FastTrade

BSE FastTrade