BSE Equity Segment
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Equity Segment

Deposit Based MembershipInterested in Membership? Click Here

BSE Limited is admitting Deposit Based Membership (Trading Memberships) on its "Equity and Equity Derivatives Segment". BSE invites applications from all over the country against a deposit of Rs. 10,00,000 (Rupees Ten lakhs only).

To know more about the membership click here Membership Manual.

To apply for Trading Membership of the "Equity and Equity Derivatives Segment" of BSE prospects may send their applications in writing in a sealed envelop marked "Offer for Deposit Based Membership" and addressed to the Chief General Manager, Member/Institutional Sales Dept., BSE Limited, 15th Floor, P.J. Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai 400 001. The format of the application can be downloaded from the
link here: Specimen Offer letter

The application form in the prescribed format, complete in all respects should be accompanied by a Demand Draft/Pay Order for Rs. 1 lakhs (Rupees one lakhs only) drawn in favor of "BSE Limited" towards earnest money deposit on which no interest will be payable.

The applicants whose offer is accepted by BSE shall be required to complete the documents at the earliest. The applicant has to pay the balance amount after he receives the SEBI registration certificate but before the commencement of business.

The complete application forms, for procuring SEBI registration certificate in Equity and Derivative segments (for applicants who are not member of any recognized Stock Exchange/Clearing Corporation) can be downloaded from the alongside link Application Booklet

The complete application forms, for procuring membership at BSE (for applicants who are members of any recognized Stock Exchange/Clearing Corporation) can be downloaded from the alongside link Application forms for Stock brokers & Clearing members of Recognised stock Exchanges

Once the documents are sent to SEBI, the member can simultaneously start working on completing the commencement formalities. To download the commencement manual you can go through the link here: Commencement Manual.

Particulars For Individual, Partnership Firm, Corporate & LLP
Cash Market and Futures & Options Trading Refundable / Non Refundable Exposure for trading margin
Deposit for DBM Membership 10,00,000 Refundable Yes
Base Minimum Capital Base Minimum Capital-(50% Cash/Cash equivalent (minimum Rs.1.25 lacs in cash is mandatory) and 50% non cash equivalent) as per SEBI, vide circular no. CIR/ MRD/ DRMNP/ 36/ 2012 dated December 19, 2012. The revised requirement of BMC to be maintained by Stock Broker and Trading Member, according to their profiles as given below, which is effective from April 1, 2013.
Categories BMC Deposit
a) Only Proprietary trading without Algorithmic trading (Algo) 10 lacs
b) Trading only on behalf of Client (without proprietary trading and without Algo 15 lacs
c) Proprietary trading and trading on behalf of Client without Algo 25 lacs
d) All Trading Members/ Brokers with Algo 50 lacs
Refundable No
Admission Fees* 50,000 Non Refundable No
Annual Subscription* 50,000 Non Refundable No


  • * Applicable Taxes.