Member Details - Innovate Securities Private Limited
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Innovate Securities Private Limited
(Trade Name: Innovate Securities Private Limited)
Sr. No.Remisiers NameTrade NameRemisiers Registration No.
1 Hardik P ShahHardik P ShahR/6108/39263/13/12/2010
2 Hetal Ashish ShahHetal Ashish ShahR/6108/44142/31/08/2017
3 Jigar K ShahJigar K ShahR/6108/39016/22/11/2010
4 Labdhi Fin StockLabdhi Fin StockR/6108/44366/17/08/2018
5 Mehul J ShahMehul J ShahR/6108/39262/13/12/2010
6 Mona Parshva ShahMona Parshva ShahR/6108/44145/31/08/2017
7 Paraskumar Bhupendrakumar SanghaviParaskumar Bhupendrakumar SanghaviR/6108/44144/31/08/2017
8 Rupande M ShahRupande M ShahR/6108/39259/13/12/2010

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