Reverse Book Building - Historical
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Elantas Beck India Ltd
Cumulative Bid DetailsCumulative Demand Graph
Security TypeEquity
Issue Period11 Jan 2010 to 15 Jan 2010
Tick Price1.00
Market Lot1
Book Size – No.of Shares9,07,366
Minimum Offer Quantity1
Maximum Offer Quantity9,07,366
Face Value0.10
Floor Price/Offer Price219.10
System Exit Price600.00
Book Running Lead ManagerAvendus Capital Private Ltd
Syndicate MemberHSBC InvestDirect Securities (India) Ltd
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NotesThe Floor Price will be disclosed on 11th Feb 2013 after market hours.
The clearing price up to which the bids have been considered for allocation is Rs.650 per share. The bids at or above the clearing price of Rs. 650/- have been considered for allocation.