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Security TypeEquity
Issue Period15 Mar 2018 to 19 Mar 2018
Post Issue Modification20 Mar 2018
Post Issue Modification on 20th March 2018 from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Issue Size ā€“ No. of Shares8,34,96,347
Price Band370.00-375.00
Face Value10.00
Tick Size1.00
Market Lot40
Minimum Bid Quantity40
Maximum Bid Quantity8,34,96,320
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Book Running Lead Manager1) Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited



4) JM Financial Limited

5) J. P. Morgan India Private Limited

RegistrarKarvy Computershare Private Limited
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Exchange Notices1) Public Issue of Bandhan Bank Limited - Allocation to Anchor Investors.

NotesIn case of Bids for such number of Equity Shares, as may result in the shareholding of a Bidder (along with his relatives, associate enterprises or persons acting in concert with such person) 5% or more of the total paid-up share capital of our Bank which may entitle such Bidder to exercise 5% or more of the total voting rights of our Bank on post-Issue basis, such Bidder is required to submit the approval obtained from the RBI in this regard with the Registrar, at least one Working Day prior to the finalisation of the Basis of Allotment, in case of failure by such Bidder the Bank will limit the allotment of the Bidder to less than 5% of the post- Issue paid-up Equity Share capital of our Bank. For further details, please refer the Red Herring Prospectus dated March 5, 2018ā€.