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BSE Bid DetailsBSE Demand Schedule
Security TypeEquity
Issue TypeBuyback - Tender Offer
Issue Period22 Oct 2020 to 05 Nov 2020
Tick Price0.05
Market Lot1
Book Size – No. of Shares2,00,000
Minimum Offer Quantity1
Maximum Offer Quantity2,00,000
Face Value10.00
Floor Price/Offer Price900.00
Cummulative Bid Quantity
( AS ON Nov 5 2020 3:30PM )
Total Cumulative Bidded QtySubscription% of Total
Demat Shares1769798884.90%
Physical Shares00.00%
Name of Acquirer(s)/CompanyCheviot Company Limited
Buyer MemberEureka Stock & Share Broking Services Ltd
Book Running Lead ManagerV C Corporate Advisors Private Limited
RegistrarMaheshwari Datamatics Private Limited
Letter Of Offer
Public Announcements1) Public Announcement

Exchange Notices1) Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Buyback) for CHEVIOT COMPANY LTD.

2) Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (BUYBACK) for CHEVIOT CO.LTD - Live Activities Schedule

3) Opening of Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Buyback) Cheviot Company Limited

NotesKindly note that bidding would be closed on October 30, 2020 has it is a SEBI holiday on the account of Id -E-Milad