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Media Release

Media Release

BSE crosses another milestone of raising Rs.200,111 Crore via the Debt online platforms

 Mumbai, March 23 2017: BSE, Asia’s oldest exchange and now world’s fastest stock exchange with the speed of 6 microseconds, on 1stJuly 2016 had launched the platform for Electronic Book Mechanism “BSE BOND” for issuance of debt securities on private placement basis.

 BSE’s platform for bond issuances crossed the 2 lakh crore mark of fund raising through debt securities by corporates in India. On­­­­­­­­ March 22, 2017, HDFC Limited and IREDA successfully raised Rs.1498 crore and Rs.200 crore respectively by issuing bonds on private placement basis using BSE BOND platform.

BSE’s platform for bond issuances have been a preferred choice for companies to raise Debt Capital in India. In this Financial Year 2016-17, till ­­­March 22, 2017, 68 Issuers have done 383 issues of bonds and have successfully raised Rs.200, 111 crore using BSE Debt platforms.

Speaking on this occasion Shri Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD & CEO, BSE said” It’s a big achievement for BSE. Indian companies have raised about Rs. 2 Lakh Crore by issuing bonds through private placement on BSE’s electronic book mechanism since its launch. In comparison, companies raised around Rs 10,000 crore from rupee-denominated bonds, also called masala bonds, in the last 1-2 years. Investors have evolved to a great extent and are now more receptive and open to diversification into new assets class,”

Here is what the prominent players in the market have to say about the BSE BOND platform:

 "Hearty Congratulations to BSE for this remarkable achievement. BSE BOND is not only a user friendly platform but also very adaptable and is accommodative of concerns raised by users making it more swift and robust to use. We look forward to using this in the future as well" said Shashikant Rathi, Executive Vice President & Head Treasury and Markets, Axis Bank Limited

“We extend our heartiest congratulations to BSE on the success of their Bond Platform. This success further affirms BSE’s capabilities to deliver efficient products and offer un-matched user support. We further acknowledge sincere efforts of BSE Bonds team in IREDA’s bond issuances during the year 2016-17” said S.K. Bhargava, Director Finance, IREDA


“Congratulations to the entire team at BSE on BSE Bond platform crossing a volume of Rs.2 lakh crore in such a short span of time. The platform has achieved its objective of making the primary bond market more transparent and efficient. We look forward to continue using the platform for future transactions” said Sharad Rungta, Head- Debt Capital Market, HDFC Bank

 “ICICI Securities Primary Dealership (I-Sec PD) appreciates the value added services provided by BSE to fixed income market participants including Issuers, Investors and Arrangers through various products such as Bond Listing, Bond Trading, Bond Trade reporting and Interest Rate Futures. We value the fixed market development role played by BSE, with the latest example being the great success of the BSE BOND (Electronic Bond) platform. I-Sec PD congratulates BSE for smoothly implementing the EBP initiative and thereby ensuring greater volumes of bond issuance” said Shameek Ray, Head Debt Capital Market, ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Ltd

“We would like to congratulate BSE on the historic achievement and wish greater success in future. Within a span of 9 months, success of BSE Debt platform has re-affirmed BSE's position at the helm of technological advancement. REC has regularly used the BSE Debt platform for its NCD issuance” said Vijay Kumar, Additional General Manager, Finance, REC.

“Many congratulations to BSE on achieving the milestone of having Rs.2 Lakh Crore of fund mobilization. The BSE BOND platform makes it a great value pack for an issuer looking to raise funds through the private placement route as the platform is robust in functioning and provides great ease of use. Also the consistent support received from the BSE team has been an added advantage in using the platform for our issuances” said Meena Verma, General Manager of EXIM Bank.


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