Media Release

Media Release

BSE Celebrates 149th Foundation Day; Unveils New Logo

Mumbai, 10th July 2023 - BSE, Asia's oldest stock exchange, celebrated its 149th Foundation Day marching closer to landmark milestone of reaching a century and a half next year.

The Foundation Day celebrations were held at BSE International Convention Hall today. The celebrations began with traditional bell ringing ceremony. On this auspicious
occasion, as a precursor to 150th Foundation Day, BSE unveiled its new logo. The new logo signifies prosperity, vibrance, growth and new beginnings besides emphasising continued trust and enhanced responsibility. The new logo was launched by Shri S.S. Mundra, Chairman of BSE. Board and Committee members of BSE and ICCL were present on the occasion.

Shri S.S. Mundra, Chairman paid tributes to all the founders of BSE for laying foundation for such a strong Institution. He also recalled the contributions made by past and present managements, Directors, erstwhile office bearers and staff of BSE in carrying the torch of BSE for nearly 150 years. Mr. Mundra said that BSE continues its journey to become stronger day by day through its agility, innovation, learning and unlearning.

While speaking on the occasion, Shri Sundararaman Ramamurthy, MD & CEO, BSE recalled the strong association of BSE with Indian Capital market including catalyst role played by BSE in facilitating fund raise by corporates for nearly 150 years, role in democratisation of capital, creation of vibrant secondary market etc.

Shri Ramamurthy also explained the genesis of the new logo reflecting vibrance that we are focused on spreading and the connection between colours used and Pancha Bhuta, The Five elements of Mother Nature namely Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jal (water) and Prithvi (Earth).

The deep blue represents ocean and sky which is the knowledge, integrity, and trustworthiness which BSE has built up over 149 years. The flame colour ranges from deep red to deep orange transforming itself into bright yellow signifying wonderful future that the employees together would create for BSE in the forthcoming years.   The Diya is also a torch which BSE employees will carry to show light ahead for further development of capital markets.

BSE also showcased 4 new short films of investor education indicating the changes that one can expect in enhancing investor awareness with a difference.

About BSE

BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) established in 1875, is Asia’s first & the world’s fastest Stock Exchange with a speed of 6 microseconds. BSE is India’s leading exchange group and has played a prominent role in developing the Indian capital market. BSE is a corporatized and demutualised entity, with a broad shareholder base. BSE provides an efficient and transparent market for trading in equity, debt instruments, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, interest rate derivatives, mutual funds and stock lending and borrowing.

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