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Media Release

All 37 AMCs has agreed to pay a service charge per transaction for using BSE StAR MF Platform

Mumbai: 10 April 2018: All 37 AMCs accounting for more than 99.99 % of total assets under management in Indian Mutual fund industry have agreed to pay a service charge per transaction for using BSE StAR MF platform.  This will allow BSE additional resources to provide better services to Mutual funds industry and investors. This will bring further automation to the mutual funds industry and investment culture in India.

BSE StAR MF platform has become the largest mutual fund distribution Infrastructure with more than 20% of market share In new subscription for Financial year 17-18, BSE StAR MF has processed over 1.75 crore transactions amounting to Rs. 118112 crores. BSE StAR MF processes more than 24 lakh transaction per month to Mutual Fund industry as of March 2018.

The BSE StAR MF exchange Infrastructure is predominately catering to retail category of mutual funds Industry i.e. 99.73% in terms of transactions and over 76% in terms of value of transactions.

BSE StAR MF is now adding over 1000 members per month has more than 200,000

IFAs, brokers, broker branches and associates on its Network in over 3000 cities and towns across India. Almost all the top distributors of mutual funds are part of BSE.


Media Release

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