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Media Release

Media Release

Muhurat Trading Session at Bombay Stock Exchange in the Vikram Samvat Year 2070

BSE Ltd. (formerly known as Bombay Stock Exchange) welcomed the Vikram Samvat Year 2070 with much fanfare and panache. The Lakshmi Pooja and the Muhurat Trading Session on Sunday, November 03, 2013 from 6.15 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. was graced by a lot of recognized personalities from broking fraternity, corporates and bollywood too. Actors Suresh Oberoi & Vivek Oberoi were at the Exchange for the ‘Opening Bell’.

On the backdrop of festive mood, BSE commenced its evening by felicitating top volume brokers in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Fund, Fixed Income, Settlement of Corporate Bonds segments and IPO / FPO /OFS, Mutual Fund, SME Members.

The names appear alphabetically:

Top 10 Performers in Equity Segment (Retail Tading) FY 2012-13     

1              Adroit Financial Services Pvt. ltd

2              Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers

3              Angel Broking Pvt.Ltd.

4              ASE Capital Ltd

5              ICICI Securities Ltd

6              JM Financial Services Ltd

7              Marwadi Shares & Financial Ltd

8              Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

9              Religare Securities Ltd.

10           Ventura Securities Ltd

Top 10 Performers in Derivative Segment (Retail trading) FY 2012-13             

1              4A Securities Ltd

2              Baba Bhoothnath Trade & Commerce Pvt Ltd

3              Bonanza Portfolio Ltd

4              Mansukh Stock Brokers Ltd

5              Pele Finstock ltd

6              Salasar Stock Broking Ltd

7              Sankalp Share Brokers Pvt Ltd

8              Share India Securities Ltd

9              Sherwood Securities Ltd.

10           Sosha Credit Pvt Ltd

Top 3 Performers in Equity (Domestic Financial Inst Trading) FY 2012-13       

1              CLSA India Ltd

3              Goldman Sachs (India) Securities Pvt ltd

2              India Infoline Ltd

Top 5 Performers in Derivatives (No of retail clients /UCC traded)  FY 2012-13             

1              Arihant Capital Market Ltd

2              Jhaveri Securities Ltd

3              Marfatia Stock Broking Pvt Ltd

4              Shree Bahubali International Ltd

5              Swastiak Investment Ltd.

Top 3 Performers in Equity (Foreign Inst Trading) FY 2012-13             

1              Citigroup Global Market India Pvt Ltd

2              CLSA India Ltd

3              Morgan Stanley India Co. Pvt ltd

Top 3 Performers in Derivative (Foreign Inst Trading) FY 2012-13     

1              DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd

2              Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd

3              SG Asia Holding India Pvt ltd

Top 3 Performers in Equity (ALGO) FY 2012-13        

1              Crosseas Capital Services Pvt Ltd

2              Quadeye Securities Pvt Ltd

3              Way2Wealth Brokers Pvt ltd  

Top 3  Performers in Derivative(ALGO) FY 2012-13

1              Edelweiss Securities Ltd

2              Marck Securities Pvt Ltd

3              Orion Stock Ltd.


Top 3 Performers in Wholesale Debt Market Corporate Bonds FY 2012-13    


1              Altius Fincap Markets Limited

2              Derivium Tradition Secuties (India) Pvt. Ltd.

3              Trust Capital Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Top 3 Performers in Wholesale Debt Market Government Bonds FY 2012-13

1              Edelweiss Securities Limited

2              GEPL Capital Pvt. Ltd.

3              ICAP India Pvt. Ltd.

Top 3 Performers in Wholesale Debt Market Corporate Bonds Settlement FY 2012-13               

1              Axis Bank Limited

2              Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited

3              Reliance  Capital Asset Management Limited

 Top 3 Performers in Mutual Fund FY 2012-13          

1              Globe Capital Market Ltd

2              Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

3              NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd

Top 3 Performers in Primary Market Segment (Equity - IPO/ FPO Bids – Members) FY 2012-13               

1              Edelweiss Broking Ltd.

2              JM Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

3              Kotak Securities Ltd.


Top 3 Performers in Primary Market Segment (Equity - IPO/ FPO Bids – Banks) FY 2012-13     

1              Citibank, N.A.

2              Deutsche Bank AG

3              The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.

Top 3 Performers in Primary Market Segment (Debt Public – Members) FY 2012-13   

1              A. K. Stockmart Pvt. Ltd.

2              ICICI Securities Ltd.

3              SBICAP Securities Ltd.

Top 3 Performers in Primary Market Segment (Debt Public – Banks) FY 2012-13         

1              HDFC Bank

2              State Bank of India

3              Vijaya Bank




Top 3 Performers in OFS Segment FY 2012-13        


1              Axis Capital Ltd.

2              Citigroup Global Markets India Pvt. Ltd.

3              DSP Merrill Lynch Ltd.

Top 3 Performers on SME Platform             

1              RCL Retail Ltd.

2              Samuudhi Reality Limited

3              SRG Housing Finance Ltd.

Top 4 Performers in Merchant Bankers in terms of filing      

1              Aryaman Financial Services Limited

2              Guiness Corporate Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

3              Iventure Merchant Banker Services Private Limited.

4              Saarthi Capital Advisor Ltd.


Top 3 Performers in Retail Debt Market Corporate Bonds FY 2012-13             


1              ACK Capital Management  PVT. Ltd.

2              Edelweiss Securities Limited.

3              ICICI Securities Limited

Muhurat Trading:

Muhurat (auspicious) 'Muhurat trading' marks the beginning of the new trading year for the Gujarati community, who form the bulk of share brokers in India.

For the trading communities the new financial year begins with Diwali. That is the reason pooja is performed for account books, safes and tijoris on Dhanteras as well as on Diwali day. A coin is placed on the account books before the pooja which is supposed to signify wealth, and the coin is preserved and again used in the pooja in the next Diwali.

The stock brokers perform "Chopra Pooja" at the exchange and a customary 'Muhurat Trading' trading takes place at the stock exchange. The story goes that on the night of Lakshmi Pooja, the Goddess comes to reside at the place of the pooja, that is the reason the traders and shopkeepers keep awake with lights burning all night to welcome Lakshmi any time she chooses to come.