Media Release

Media Release

Taylormade Renewables Limited

Two Hundred and Fortieth Company to get listed on BSE SME Platform

Mumbai, April 06, 2018: SEBI came out with detailed guidelines on 18th May, 2010 for launching of SME Exchange/Platform. BSE became the first stock exchange to get the approval from SEBI and launch its SME platform on 13th March, 2012.


Taylormade Renewables Limited became 240th company respectively to get listed on the BSE SME Platform on April 06, 2018. Taylormade Renewables Limited came out with an initial public offering of 32,40,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- Each (“Equity Shares”) For Cash At a Price Of Rs.35/- Per Equity Share(The “Offer Price”), Aggregating to Rs.‘1134.00’ lacs. The company has successfully completed its public issue on March 27, 2018.


Taylormade Renewables Limited is Gujarat based company whose registered office is at Ahmedabad. The company is engaged in the business of providing renewable energy solution and manufacturing of Solar Parabolic Concentrating Systems for steam generation used in steam cooking and other industrial application, direct or in-direct heating, including solar air-conditioning, and solar space heating, solar drying, solar waste water evaporation and many more applications requiring thermal energy.


Kolkata based Guiness Corporate Advisors Private Limited was the lead manager for Taylormade Renewables Limited.


The 240 companies listed on BSE SME Platform have raised Rs.2180.87 crores from the market and total market capitalization of 240 companies as on 06nd April, 2018 is 22,572.92 Crores. BSE is the market leader in this segment with a market share of 64 percent.


The response since the launch of this platform by BSE has been very positive and till date, the following 239 companies have already listed on this platform


1.     BCB Finance Limited

2.     Looks Health Services Limited

3.     Max Alert Systems Limited

4.     Sangam Advisors Limited

5.     Jupiter Info media Limited

6.     Jointeca Education Solutions Limited

7.     SRG Housing Finance Limited

8.     Comfort Commotrade Limited

9.     Anshu’s Clothing Limited

10.  RCL Retail Limited

11.  Bronze Infra Tech Limited

12.  Eco Friendly Food Processing Park Limited

13.  Esteeem Bio Organic Food Processing Limited

14.  Kavita Fabrics Limited

15.  Sunstar Realty Development Limited

16.  Channel Nine Entertainment Limited

17.  HPC Biosciences Limited

18.  Bothra Metals & Alloys Limited

19.  Lakhotia Polyesters (India) Limited

20.  GCM Securites Limited

21.  Samruddhi Realty Limited

22.  Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited

23.  Onesource Techmedia Limited

24.  India Finsec Limited

25.  Edynamics Solution Limited

26.  Money Masters and Leasing Limited

27.  Alacrity Securities Limited

28.  GCM Commodities and Derivatives Limited

29.  Silverpoint Infratech Limited

30.  VKJ Infradevelopers Limited

31.  Kushal Tradelink Limited

32.  Tiger Logistics (India) Limited

33.  R J Bio-Tech Limited

34.  Ace Tours Worldwide Limited

35.  Satkar Finlease Limited

36.  Newever Trade Wings Limited

37.  Subh Tex (India) Limited

38.  VCU Data Management Limited

39.  SRG Securities Finance Limited

40.  Amrapali Capital and Finance Services Limited

41.  Stellar Capital Services Limited

42.  Captain Polyplast Limited

43.  Tentiwal Wire Products Limited

44.  RCI Industries and Technologies Limited

45.  Suyog Telematics Limited

46.  Chemtech Industrial Valves Limited

47.  Agrimony Commodities Limited

48.  Polymac Thermoformers Limited

49.  Unishire Urban Infra Limited

50.  Siddhi Vinayak Shipping Corporation Limited

51.  B.C. Power Controls Limited

52.  Karnimata Cold Storage Limited

53.  Anisha Impex Limited

54.  Shri Krishna Prasadam Limited

55.  Oceanaa Biotek Industries Limited

56.  R&B Denims Limited

57.  Womens Next Loungerie’s Limited

58.  GCM Capital Advisors Limited

59.  SPS Finquest Limited

60.  Dhanuka Commercial Limited

61.  Tarini International Limited

62.  Bansal Roofing Products Limited

63.  Oasis Tradelink Limited

64.  Bhanderi Infracon Limited

65.  Carewell Industries Limited

66.  Vishal Fabrics Limited

67.  Sirohi & Sons Limited

68.  Naysaa Securities Limited

69.  Encash Entertainment Limited

70.  Ultracab (India) Limited

71.  Atishay Infotech Limited

72.  Dhabriya Polywood Limited

73.  Aryaman Capital Markets Limited

74.  Powerhouse Fitness and Realty Limited

75.  Vibrant Global Capital Limited

76.  Starlit Power Systems Limited

77.  ADCC Infocad Limited

78.  JLA Infraville Shoppers Limited

79.  Jet Infraventure Limited

80.  Aanchal Ispat Limited

81.  Captain Pipes Limited

82.  Anubhav Infrastructure Limited

83.  Amsons Apparels Limited

84.  Raghuvansh Agrofarms Limited

85.  Karnavati Finance Limited

86.  Akme Star Housing Finance Limited

87.  SSPN Finance Limited

88.  Mahbir Metallex Limited

89.  AGI Infra Limited

90.  Yoga Enterprises Limited

91.  Filtra Consultants and Engineers Limited

92.  Athena Constructions Limited

93.  O. P. Chains Limited

94.  Funny Software Limted

95.  Junction Fabrics and Apparels Limited

96.  Mishka Exim Limited

97.  VMV Holidays Limited

98.  Ambition Mica Limited

99.  Jiya Eco Products Limited

100.       M.D. Inducto Cast Limited

101.       Loyal Equipments Limited

102.       Gala Print City Limited

103.       Majestic Research Services & Solutions Limited

104.       Amrapali Fincap Limited

105.       PECOS Hotels and Pubs Limited

106.       Mangalam Seeds Limited

107.       Oyeeee Media Limited

108.       Universal Autofoundry Limited

109.       H.K. Trade International Limited

110.       P. B. Films Limited

111.       Sri Krishna Constructions (India) Limited

112.       Vishal Bearings Limited

113.       Bella Casa Fashion & Retail Limited

114.       Vaksons Automobiles  Limited

115.        Patdiam Jewellery Limited

116.       Cawasji Behramji Catering Services Limited

117.       Tejnaksh Healthcare Limited

118.       Navigant Corporate Advisors Limited

119.       Suncare Traders Limited

120.       OFS Technologies Limited

121.       Blueblood Ventures Limited

122.       Vidli Restaurants Limited

123.       Ganga Pharmaceuticals Limited

124.       Sylph Education Solutions Limited

125.       K.P. Energy Limited

126.       Relicab Cable Manufacturing Limited

127.       Khemani Distributors & Marketing Limited

128.       Umiya Tubes Limited

129.       CHD Chemicals Limited

130.       Ruby Cables Limited

131.       Raghav Ramming Mass Limited

132.       Franklin Leasing and Finance Limited

133.       Lancer Container Lines Limited

134.       Sysco Industries Limited

135.       NINtec Systems Limited

136.       Ghushine Fintrrade Ocean Limited

137.       Bajaj Healthcare Limited

138.       Darshan Orna Limited


140.       Yash Chemex Limited

141.       Zeal Aqua Limited

142.       Advance Syntex Limited

143.       Commercial Syn Bags Ltd

144.       Titanium Ten Enterprise Limited

145.       Kwality Pharmaceuticals Limited

146.       Prabhat Telecom (India) Limited

147.       Shiva Granito Export Limited

148.       Mitsu Chem Plast Limited

149.       Sprayking Agro Equipment Limited

150.       Narayani Steels Limited

151.       Riddhi Steel and Tube Limited

152.       Spicy Entertainment and Media Limited

153.       Radhika Jeweltech Limited

154.       DRA Consultants Limited

155.       Valiant Organics Limited

156.       Aditya Consumer Marketing Limited

157.       Shashijit Infraprojects Limited

158.       Bindal Exports Limited

159.       Mewar Hi-Tech Engineering Limited

160.       Diksat Transworld Limited

161.       India Green Realty Limited

162.       Aditya Vision Limited

163.       Veeram Ornaments Limited

164.       Super Fine Knitters Limited

165.       Tanvi Foods (India) Limited

166.       RMC Switchgears Limited

167.       IFL Enterprises Limited

168.       Sarthak Metals Limited

169.       Jash Dealmark Limited

170.       Chemcrux Enterprises Limited

171.       Manomay Tex India Limited

172.       Maximus International Limited

173.       Manas Properties Limited

174.       Prime Customer Services Limited

175.       Oceanic Foods Limited

176.       Octaware Technologies Limited

177.       Relstruct Buildcon Limited

178.       Escorp Asset Management Limited

179.       KMS Medisurgi Limited

180.       Pure Giftcarat Limited

181.       Meera Industries Limited

182.       Bhakti Gems and Jewellery Limited

183.       Yug Décor Limited

184.       Riddhi Corporate Services Limited

185.       Gautam Exim Limited

186.       G G Engineering Limited

187.       7NR Retail Limited

188.       Jigar Cables Limited

189.       Captain Technocast Limited

190.       Globalspace Technologies Ltd

191.       Ashok Masala Mart Limited

192.       Shish Industries Limited

193.       ANG Lifesciences India Limited

194.       Dhruv Wellness Limited

195.       A & M Febcon Limited

196.       Nouritrans Exim Limited

197.       Sagar Diamonds Limited

198.       AKM Lace and Embrotex Limited

199.       Share India Securities Limited

200.       Trident Texofab Limited

201.       Poojawestern Metaliks Limited

202.       Vanta Bioscience Limited

203.       Mehai Technology Limited

204.       IRIS Business Services Limited

205.       Siddharth Education Services Limited

206.       Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited

207.       Shreeji Translogistics Limited

208.       Kaarya Facilities and Services Limited

209.       Sheetal Cool Products Limited

210.       Sanghvi Brands Limited

211.       Sharika Enterprises Limited

212.       Dynamic Cables Limited

213.       Ratnabhumi Developers Limited

214.       MRC Exim Limited

215.       Diggi Multitrade Limited

216.       Kids Medical Systems Limited

217.       Ritwhik Facility Management Services Limited

218.       Jhandewalas Foods Limited

219.       CRP Risk Management Limited

220.       Ashoka Metcast Limited

221.       Gautam Gems Limited.

222.       Medico Remedies Limited

223.       Gujarat Hy-Spin Limited

224.       Focus Suites Solutions and Services Limited

225.       Lorenzini Apparels Limited

226.       Kenvi Jewels Limited

227.       Tasty Dairy Specialities Limited

228.       Bhatia Communication & Retail Limited

229.       Angel Fibers Limited

230.       East India Securities Limited

231.       Inflame Appliances Limited

232.       Shreeshay Engineers Limited

233.       Active Clothing Co Limited

234.       Ridings Consulting Engineers India Limited

235.       Advitiya Trade India Limited

236.       Yasho Industries Limited

237.       Benara Bearings and Pistons Limited

238.       Lex Nimble Solutions Limited

239.       Orissa Bengal Carrier Limited


We have also given approval to following companies which are due to open very soon:-


1.     Trine Entertainment Limited

2.     Monarch Apparels (India) Limited

3.     Shareway Securities Limited

4.     Western Agro-Tech Innovative Limited

5.     Perry Impex Limited

6.     Goel Scientific Glass Works Limited

7.     Malaika Appliances Ltd

8.     Ajmera Pharmasure Ltd

9.     Worth Infra Industries Limited

10.  AGI Hospitalities Limited

11.  Lark Non Ferrous Metals Limited

12.  Avi Agri Business limited

13.  Octopus Papers Limited

14.  Kranti Industries Limited

15.  Suwarnsparsh Gems & Jewellery Limited

16.  Farmico Cold Storage Limited

17.  S K Masala and Foods Limited

18.  Saketh Exim Limited

19.  Milestone Furniture Limited

20.  Sterling Chemicals and Alcohols Limited

21.  Deccan Health Care Limited

22.  Arihant Institute Limited

23.  Dhruv Consultancy Services Limited

24.  Garv Industries Limited

25.  Indo Us Bio-Tech Limited


Beside above the following companies have submitted their DRHP with the Exchange and are awaiting approval.


1.     Ekdant India Limited

2.     Diamond Power Transformers Limited

3.     Greenvalue Agrofarms Limited

4.     Aventez Media & Technologies Limited

5.     Nakoda Group of Industries Limited

6.     MAC Hotels Limited

7.     Shah Investor’s Home Limited

8.     POM Hydro Energy Limited

9.     AKI India Limited

10.  Dr Lalchandani Labs Limited

11.  U.H. Zaveri LImited

12.  Sun Retail Limited

13.  Innovators Facade Systems Limited

14.  Akshar Spintex Limited

15.  Affordable Robotic & Automation Limited


Following companies have migrated to main board of BSE.

1.     SRG Housing Finance Limited

2.     Anshu's Clothing Limited

3.     Bronze Infra Tech Limited

4.     Sangam Advisors Limited

5.     Jupiter Infomedia Limited

6.     Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited

7.     Kavita Fabrics Ltd

8.     India Finsec Limited

9.     Silverpoint Infratech Limited

10.  Kushal Tradelink Limited

11.  Edynamics Solutions Limited

12.  Lakhotia Polyesters (India) Limited

13.  VKJ Infradevelopers Limited

14.  Tiger Logistics (India) Limited

15.  Satkar Finlease Limited

16.  Captain Polyplast Limited

17.  Look Health Services Limited

18.  Comfort Commotrade Limited

19.  RCI Industries & Technologies Limited

20.  Suyog Telematics Limited

21.  Oceanaa Biotek Limited

22.  Ultracab (India) Limited

23.  Atishay Infotech Limited

24.  Oasis Tradelink Limited

25.  VCU Data Management Limited

26.  Dhabriya Polywood Limited

27.  Amsons Apparels Limited

28.  Anubhav Infrastructure Limited

29.  Aanchal Ispat Limited

30.  Akme Star Housing Finance Limited

31.  Funny Software Limited

32.  Sunstar Realty Development Limited

33.  Karnavati Finance Limited

34.  Shri Krishna Prasadam Limited

35.  Gala Print City Limited

36.  Mishka Exim Limited

37.  B.C. Power Controls Limited

38.  Vishal Fabrics Limited

39.  Chemtech Industrial Valves Limited

40.  M D Inducto Cast Limited

41.  Ceinsys Tech Limited

42.  Starlit Power Systems Limited

43.  AGI Infra Limited

44.  Jiya Eco-Products Limited

45.  Vibrant Global Capital Limited

46.  Bella Casa Fashion & Retail Limited


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