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Below Bhav copy Files will be dis–continued as per Notice No 20240429-1

Segment File Name File Discontinuation Date
Equity (Standardized Format) BSE_EQ_BHAVCOPY_DDMMYYYY 21-June-2024
Equity Derivatives (Standardized Format) BSE_EQD_BHAVCOPY_DDMMYYYY.csv 21-June-2024
Currency Derivatives (Standardized Format) BSE_BFX_BHAVCOPY_DDMMYYYY.csv 21-June-2024
Commodity Derivatives (Standardized Format) BSE_BCX_BHAVCOPY_DDMMYYYY 21-June-2024
Equity EQDDMMYY.csv 21-June-2024
Equity with ISIN EQ_ISINCODE_DDMMYY.csv 21-June-2024
Equity Derivatives bhavcopyDD-MM-YY.csv 21-June-2024
Currency Derivatives CurrencyBhavCopy_YYYYMMDD.csv 21-June-2024
Commodity Derivatives BCX_MS_YYYYMMDD.csv 21-June-2024