Session Timings
Trading session

The pre-open session shall be for duration of 15 minutes i.e. from 9:00 am to 9:15 am. The pre-open session is comprised of Order Entry period and Order Matching period.

Pre-open session shall comprise of two sessions viz.

  • Order Entry period.
  • Order Matching period.

    After order matching period there are buffer period to facilitate transition between preopen and continuous session

Order Entry Period
  • The order entry period shall be for duration of 8* minutes, during which order entry, modification and cancellation shall be allowed. (* - System driven random stoppage between 7th and 8th minute)
  • Both Limit and market order will be allowed.
  • Dissemination of indicative equilibrium price, indicative match-able quantity & indicative index values

Order Matching Period
  • Order matching period will start immediately after completion of order entry period.
    • No Order Addition/Modification/Cancellation shall be allowed
  • Opening price determination, and trade confirmation.

Continuous Trading Session 9:15am – 3:30pm Trades occur continuously as orders match at time/price priority

  • With the introduction of the Call Auction session the trading day will look like:

  • The continuous trading session will commence only after the pre open session ends. The two trading sessions, continuous and call auction (pre-open) sessions will not run concurrently.
  • The block deal trading session (35 minutes) will start with the commencement of the continuous session.