Salient Features of the Special Pre Open session
  • Duration of special Pre-open session - 60 minutes from 9:00am - 10.00am
  • This Pre-Open session will be conducted only on first day of trading (in case of IPOs) and recommencement of trading (in case of re-listed Securities).
  • All executable orders for a particular stock will match at the equilibrium price which will be the market opening price.
  • Orders are collected in the order entry period & execution occurs in the order matching period.
  • Only Limit Orders are accepted (including limit IOC orders). No market orders will be allowed.
  • All orders shall be disclosed in full quantity, i.e. orders where revealed quantity function is enabled, will not be allowed during the pre-open session.
  • Indicative opening price & matchable quantity for the stock will be disseminated at regular intervals of order entry period.
  • Block deal session will not be held for participating Securities on first day of trading\recommencement till 1st day of order matching & resultant price discovery. However Securities will be enabled for the regular block deal session from the next trading day onwards after price discovery.
  • In case of no price discovery in special pre- open session -
    IPO Securities: All orders entered will move to continuous trading session at their limit price on price-time priority
    Relisted stocks: All orders will be CANCELLED by the system and the Security shall continue to trade in call auction mechanism until price is discovered
  • Relisted stocks and IPOs with issue size less than 250Cr will be traded in TFT (Trade for Trade) segment for first 10 days.
  • No Price band will be applicable for IPOs and Relisted stocks in the special Pre-Open Session.