Salient Features of the pre open session
Salient Features of the pre open session

  • All executable orders for a particular stock will match at one market opening price
  • Orders are collected in the order entry period & execution occurs in the order matching period
  • Duration of Pre-open session - 15 minutes from 9:00am – 9:15am
  • Limit orders will get priority over market orders at the time of execution of trades.
  • All orders shall be disclosed in full quantity, i.e. orders where revealed quantity function is enabled, will not be allowed during the pre-open session.
  • Unexecuted, eligible orders will be moved to the continuous session
  • In the event of no trades in the pre-open session, the orders entered in the pre-open session will be moved to the continuous trading session on time priority basis.The price of the first trade during the continuous trading session will be taken as the opening price.
  • Indicative opening price & matchable quantity for each stock and indicative S&P BSE SENSEX will be disseminated at regular intervals of order entry period.
  • At the end of the matching period, the system will compute & disseminate the opening values for all stocks, S&P BSE SENSEX and other indices.
  • Uniform price band of 20% will be applicable to all eligible stocks during the pre-open session.