BSE-Position Monitoring
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Position Monitoring
The Surveillance Department closely monitors the outstanding exposure of Members on a daily basis. For this purpose, it has developed various market monitoring reports. The reports are scrutinized to ascertain whether there is excessive purchase or sale position build up compared to the normal business of the Member, whether there are concentrated purchases or sales, or whether the purchases have been made by inactive or financially weak Members. Even the quality of Securities is considered to assess the quality of exposure. Based on an analysis of the above factors and the margins already paid and the capital deposited by the Member, early pay-in calls are made, if required. Some Members are even advised to reduce their outstanding exposure in the market. Trading restrictions are placed on financially weak Members as and when deemed fit after taking into consideration their past track record. The Department, as such, executes an important risk management function to avert possible payment default of Members by taking timely and corrective measures.