Monitoring Business of Brokers
BSE closely monitors the outstanding positions of the main Members on a daily basis. For this purpose, it has developed various market monitoring reports based on certain pre-set parameters. These reports are scrutinized by officials of the Surveillance Department to ascertain whether a Member has built up excessive purchase or sale position compared to his normal level of business. Further, it is examined whether purchases or sales are concentrated in one or more Securities , whether the margin cover is adequate and whether transactions have been entered into on behalf of institutional clients. Even the quality of Securities , i.e., liquid or illiquid, is looked into in order to assess the quality of exposure. Based on an analysis of these factors, the margins already paid and the total capital deposited by the Member with BSE, an advance pay-in is called from the concerned Member.

BSE also scrutinizes the pay-in position of the Members and such Members who have larger funds pay-in positions are , at the discretion of BSE, asked to make advance pay-in on the T+1 day instead of on the T+2 day.