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BSE Limited has Launched New Debt Segment – Reporting, Settlement and Trading (NDS-RST) Platform in July, 2016.

Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram, in his 2006 budget speech had announced the intention of the Government to create a single, unified exchange-traded market for corporate bonds in India. Subsequently, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) vide its circular dated December 12, 2006, entrusted the responsibility of setting up a reporting platform for all corporate debt transactions executed in the country to the BSE Limited. BSE developed a reporting platform - New Debt Segment – Reporting, Settlement and Trading (NDS-RST) for reporting of all corporate deals done in respect of debt that is listed on any Indian stock exchange. The platform, currently implemented through Internet, called NDS-RST, is being used by over 1700 participants in the Debt Market.

The BSE Wholesale Debt Segment offers reporting facilities through the NDS-RST platform, a browser based system, which is an efficient and reliable reporting system for all corporate bonds. WDM Members of the BSE reports all G-sec trades on NDS-RST. The reporting of Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit happens on F-Tracks whereas the settlement of Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposit is happens on the NDS-RST platform.

NDS- RST Platform has the below mentioned advantages:

  • Single system for reporting and settlement
  • Portfolio creation facility
  • Single order entry screen for reporting Corporate Bond, Commercial Paper (CP) and Certificate of Deposit (CD), Government Securities
  • Reporting and Settlement from same order entry window
  • Rating Tracker
  • Information memorandum( IM) available for More than 8000 Plus bonds
  • Trade History
  • Auto fill functionality in ISIN and Participant Search
  • Daily Market Analytical Reports

CNDS-RST User Manual