BSE Debt Market Analytics
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Daily Market Analytics Report

"Debt Market Analytics" – an in-depth research report aims at expanding the horizon of the knowledge on the money market instruments, government securities and corporate bonds. With daily update on the Indian Debt Markets, BSE aims at strengthening the knowledge in debt markets in India.

Debt Market Analytics broadly divided in to three parts:

  • Corporate Bonds Transactions
    Entire information on corporate bond transactions reported on BSE, NSE & FIMMDA platform giving information on spread over government securities. Information on top 15 securities listed and traded on F-Group of the Equity information is also provided.
  • Debt Market Report
    This report includes information on Money market products (rates & trading volume of call market, repo market & CBLO market), Government Securities (spread between various maturities, trading volumes, traded yields) & corporate bonds (rating & tenure vise yield information).
  • New issue information
    Information on new corporate bond issuance with detailed information viz: issue size, issue opening, issue closing date etc.

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