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Live - Offer to Buy

Scrip Name Issue Start Date Calendar
Issue End Date Calendar
Issue Type
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Scrip NameStart DateEnd DateFloor Price/Offer Price Sub Type
BHAGWANDAS METALS LTD23-04-201808-05-201821.00Takeover
MANGALAM ORGANICS LIMITED23-04-201808-05-2018230.00Buyback - Tender Offer
ONESOURCE TECHMEDIA LTD19-04-201804-05-201814.00Takeover
ALEMBIC LTD16-04-201827-04-201880.00Buyback - Tender Offer
KPIT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED16-04-201827-04-2018182.00Takeover
SYSTEMATIX CORPORATE SERVICES LTD16-04-201827-04-201821.00Takeover
MAHAAN IMPEX LIMITED13-04-201826-04-201815.15Takeover
BULLISH BONDS HOLDINGS LTD12-04-201825-04-201839.00Takeover