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20210511-41Daily BulletinGeneralCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-40 Suspension of Trading in Commercial Papers. DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-39Clarifications received from the companiesEquityCompany relatedDOSS
20210511-38Suspension of trading in securities of companies for non-compliances with provisions of certain Regulations of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015EquityCompany relatedListing Compliance-Monitoring
20210511-37Corrigendum to the Notice of Listing of further Securities of Dalmia Bharat LtdEquityCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-36Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM) - List of securities moving into their respective GSM StagesEquityTradingDOSS
20210511-33Change in Control of WAY2WEALTH BROKERS PVT. LTD. (Member No. 3117)GeneralOthersMembership Compliance
20210511-32Voluntary Closure of BusinessGeneralOthersMembership Compliance
20210511-31Final Order against Max Capital (Proprietor: Mahesh Tillore)GeneralComplianceDOSS
20210511-30Business responsibility and sustainability reporting by listed entitiesEquityCirculars Listed CompaniesListing Compliance-Monitoring
20210511-29Application for Resignation of MembershipGeneralOthersMembership Compliance
20210511-28Application for Resignation of MembershipGeneralOthersMembership Compliance
20210511-27Suspension of Trading in debentures of Shriram Transport Finance Co. Limited.DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-26Suspension of Trading in debentures of IndoStar Capital Finance Limited. DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-25 Part Redemption of Debentures of Kogta Financial (India) Limited. DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-24Change in Name of the Company. EquityCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-23Listing of new debt securities of IIFL Wealth Prime LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-22Listing of further securities issued by the companies under ESOP/ESOSEquityCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-21Listing of New Securities of RattanIndia Power LimitedEquityCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-20Applicability of Additional Surveillance MeasureEquityTradingDOSS
20210511-19Applicability of Short Term Additional Surveillance Measure (ST-ASM)EquityTradingDOSS
20210511-18Listing of new debt securities of Bajaj Finance LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-17SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2021EquityCirculars Listed CompaniesListing Compliance-Monitoring
20210511-16Listing of new Commercial Paper of IIFL Wealth Prime LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-15Listing of new Commercial Paper of Kotak Mahindra Investments LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-14Listing of new Commercial Paper of Reliance Industries LtdDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-13Listing of new debt securities of AVIOM India Housing Finance Private LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-12Listing of new Commercial Paper of MUTHOOT FINANCE LIMITEDDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-11Listing of new Commercial Paper of Julius Baer Capital (India) Private LimitedDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-10Listing of new debt securities of INCRED FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITEDDebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-9Listing of new Commercial Paper of Steel Authority of India Ltd.,DebtCompany relatedListing Operations
20210511-8 Suspension of Trading in debentures of HDB Financial Services Limited. DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-7Non-Competitive Bidding for Auction of GoI dated Securities (G-secs) on May 14, 2021 DebtTradingTrading Operations
20210511-6 Maturity of Mutual Fund Schemes of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund. Mutual FundCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-5Demat Auction - 026GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20210511-4 Suspension of Trading in debentures of Ess Kay Fincorp Limited. DebtCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-3Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (BUYBACK) for SIS Ltd - Live Activities ScheduleEquityTradingTrading Operations
20210511-2Group changeEquityCorporate ActionsListing Operations
20210511-1Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Buyback) for SIS LTD.GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade