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Notice No20120829-22Notice Date29 Aug 2012
SubjectIncentive program for increasing retail participation in BSE Derivatives Segment


Trading members of the Exchange are requested to refer to the notice No -26 dated 21st November 2011 regarding Retail Investor Participation in BSE Derivatives Segment. Currently the Exchange pays an amount of Rs. 100 /- as one time incentive for each registered customer who trades for the first time in BSE Derivative segment.
With a view to further popularize and encourage participation of retail investors in BSE Derivatives Segment, the Exchange proposes to provide further additional incentives to registered LEIPS participants as follows -
1.      Trading Member registered in on-going LEIPS Programmes shall be paid incentive, as per table 1 below, on number of clients who trade during a calendar month.

No of clients traded during calendar month in BSE Derivative Segment
Incentive amount in Rs to the member per calendar month
10,000 And Above

2.      The Eligibility criteria for member to qualify:-
·         For the purposes of incentive accounting, one calendar month shall be considered as the eligibility period.
·         Exchange shall consider multiple trades done by a client on any of the Exchange derivative product in the single calendar month, as one account.
3.      The aforesaid incentive shall be in addition to the current incentive of Rs. 100/- for the first time trade by client in derivative segment of a member.   
4.      Aforesaid scheme come into effect from September, 12, 2012 and applies to all the on-going LEIPS Programmes and new LEIPS programme schemes that may be launched by the Exchange in future, unless specified otherwise.
Trading members may please note terms and conditions of on-going LEIPS programmes viz. LEIPS IV, LEIPS V and LEIPS VI shall remain unchanged.
For any further clarifications, members are advised to contacts their designated Relationship Managers.

Rajesh Saraf
Sameer Vaze
GM-Trading Operations
DM-Trading Operations