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Notice No20120614-12Notice Date14 Jun 2012
SubjectAmendments in LEIPS IV programme


This is with reference to the Exchange Notice No. 20 dated April 16, 2012 regarding Introduction of Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programme (LEIPS) – IV .Trading Members are hereby informed that the Exchange proposes to amend certain terms and conditions of LEIPS-IV Programme effective June 29 ,2012 as follows-
1.      Discontinuation of quote based incentive applicable to Market makers(based on 3,4 and 5 index points) & reintroduction of trading volume based cash incentives to eligible market makers at rate of Rs.1800/- per crore on their passive volume.
2.      MMs required to maintain quotes at spread – size ratio of 1 (index points to contracts) for 85% of trading time with maximum spread allowed of 5 Index points (to be eligible for higher incentive rate of Rs. 1800/- per crore on passive volume).
3.      Daily volume cap of Rs.830 crores with a per minute cap of Rs.6 crores for first 10 and the last 10 minutes and 2 crores for the rest of the trading day.
Please refer to the attached brochure for detailed information on revisions in LEIPS-IV Programme as mentioned above.
All other terms and conditions of LEIPS- IV Programme shall remain unchanged.
For any further clarifications, members are advised to contact their designated Relationship Managers.
For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.

Rajesh Saraf
Sameer Vaze
GM-Trading Operations
DM-Trading Operations

LEIPS-IV Programme Brochure (Revised) .pdf