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Notice No20111121-26Notice Date21 Nov 2011
SubjectRetail Investor Participation in BSE Futures and Options Segment

Trading members of the Exchange are requested to refer to notice No -5 dated 7th September 2011 and No -4 dated 11th October 2011 regarding Liquidity Enhancement Incentive Programmes - LEIPS.

With a view to popularize and encourage participation of retail investors in LEIPS, the Exchange hereby informs the members following -
1)      The Exchange shall reimburse investor servicing costs borne by the member for a registered customer subject to such registered customer doing at least 1 trade on BSE Futures & Options Segment under LEIPS II.
2)      An amount of Rs. 100 /- shall be paid only one time for each registered customer who trades for the first time in BSE Futures & Options segment.
3)      The Exchange shall take into account the number of new UCCs (Unique Client Codes) registered in the Exchange UCC system during the calendar month period for this purposes.
4)      The payment shall be made to the broker at the end of each month based on the no. of distinct customers who have traded for the first time.
5)      Up to first 5000 successfully registered customers by the member in UCC system shall be eligible to receive the above incentive.
Aforesaid amendments in LEIPS II programme will be effective from Monday, December 5, 2011.
Trading members may please note other terms and conditions of LEIPS II scheme shall remain unchanged.
For and on behalf of
BSE Ltd. 

Rajesh Saraf
Sameer Vaze
GM - Trading Operations
DM - Trading Operations