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Notice No20110928-2Notice Date28 Sep 2011
SubjectIntroduction of LEIPS Market Making Monitoring System


The Exchange is delighted to announce the launch of LEIPS Market Making (LEIPS MM) system Version 1.0 today. This System is proposed to be used for the market maker to know his market making obligation fulfillment report on a daily as well as monthly basis.  The reports can be both viewed on the system & downloaded. This is a web-based system with login facility to market makers to see the reports.


The obligation reports that a market maker will be able to see on this system are –

·         Daily Reports

Ø  Daily Incentive Volume Cap

Ø  Daily Payout


·         Monthly Reports

Ø  MM Monthly Payouts

Ø  OI Incentive Report



LEIPS MM Activation – Login & Password Reset

1.       URL at which the LEIPS MM software can be accessed are –

Ø  On Internet:

Ø  On BSE Intranet using leased lines, VSATs, POP, MPLS, LAN, etc:


2.       Login User ID – The MM member’s Clg. No. (Member ID) allotted by the Exchange is the user ID for login.


3.       Password reset – Passwords will be sent by email to the MM members on their email id. If at any time, password has to be reset, MM members may call BSE Helpdesk on +91 22 6136 3100 or send email on


For any assistance, please contact BSE helpdesk at the number/ email provided above. Alternately, MM member may contact the Exchange on the following numbers for any query related to the functioning of LEIPS MM system – +91 22 2272 8197/ 8374

Rajesh Saraf

Tejash Somaiya

GM – Trading Operations

Manager – Trading Operations