Notice No20240104-26Notice Date04 Jan 2024
SubjectMultiple UCC with same Email address and mobile number

To All Members,

This is with reference to SEBI circular CIR/MIRSD/15/2011 dated August 02, 2011 and Exchange notice no. 20110809-19 dated August 9, 2011, which inter-alia states as under:

“Stock Brokers shall ensure that separate mobile number/E-mail address is uploaded for each client. However, under exceptional circumstances, the stockbroker may, at the specific written request of a client, upload the same mobile number/E-mail address for more than one client provided such clients belong to one family. ‘Family’ for this purpose would mean self, spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents.”

Please note that multiple UCC mapped with same mobile number or E-mail address should strictly be as per the definition of “Family” as mentioned above and at the written request of a client in whose account same mobile number/E--mail address being updated to avoid any penalty / disciplinary action as per Exchange notice no. 20180214-31dated February 14, 2018 or any notice issued thereafter.

Trading members are required to take note of the above requirement and ensure that the same is being complied with.

In case of any queries/clarifications, you may reach us on the following contact details.

Contact Nos.

E-mail ID

022- 2272 8435/5785


For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.





Hiteshkumar Desai                                         Jyoti Thukral

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