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Notice No20130508-28Notice Date08 May 2013
SubjectShifting of Kapashi Commercials Ltd., (Scrip Code 512399) from Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS) to Special Pre-opening Session (SPOS)


All Trading Members of the Exchange
Sub:  Shifting of  Kapashi Commercials Ltd., (Scrip Code 512399) from Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS)  to Special Pre-opening Session (SPOS)
The trading members are informed that the scrip Kapashi Commercials Ltd., (Scrip Code 512399) in "T" group, is an  illiquid scrip for the quarter ended March 2013,  and is accordingly traded under Periodic Call Auction Session (PCAS)
The Company has fixed May 10, 2013 for the purpose of de-merger of the "Strategic Business Undertaking engaged in real Estate & Trading" into Parinee Infra Agro Pvt. Ltd  and will be traded on ex-entitlement basis w.e.f. May 09, 2013.
For the purpose of price discovery, the scrip will be available for trading under Special Pre-opening Session (SPOS) on May 09, 2013. As and when price discovery   takes place, the scrip will be traded in normal session from  that day and will not be traded under PCAS.
Trading members are advised to take note of the same.  
Sydney Miranda                                                             Shaila Valsan
Assistant General Manager                                          Associate  Manager
Surveillance & Supervision                                          Surveillance & Supervision
Date : May 8, 2013