Notice No20170630-40Notice Date30 Jun 2017
SubjectRevision of scrips under “XC”, “XD” and “XT” sub-segments

This is in continuation of Exchange Notice no. 20151015-7 dated Oct 15, 2015 and Notice no. 20160128-35 dated January 28, 2016 regarding classification of securities of companies under “XC”, “XD” and “XT” sub-segments. The Exchange has further amended the parameters for exclusion from “XC”, “XD” and “XT” Sub-segment.


The revised norms for “XC”, “XD” and “XT” sub - segment shall be as under

a)       Criteria for exclusion from “XC”, “XD” and “XT” Sub-segment

·         Where the six month average market capitalization is > Rs.1000 Cr. And no of shareholders > 5000

·         Securities that are constituents of either of 4 indices viz. S&P BSE Sensex, S&P BSE 100, S&P BSE 200 and S&P BSE 500.

·         Where the six month average market capitalization is > Rs. 1000 Cr, and Networth is more than Rs.150 Cr.

·         Securities listed and traded on SME/SME-ITP segment

·         Securities which are in P and Z group (These securities will remain in their respective groups)


b)       The securities that do not fall under any of the above exclusions would be eligible for classification under XC/XD/XT Sub-segment.

·         Those securities that have 6 month full average market capitalization > Rs. 100 Cr and have number of shareholder > 1000 will be classified under “XC” Sub-segment.

·         The balance securities are classified under “XD” Sub-segment.

·         Further those securities within “XC” or “XD” and are presently under trade for trade settlement are classified under “XT” Sub-segment.


Further trading members are requested to note that the review of “XC” or “XD” and “XT” sub-segment will be done on quarterly basis.


Trading Members are requested to note that the above referred revised norms would be applicable from the March 2017 quarter review.


The details of scrips group change pursuant to March 2017 quarter review based on the above norms is attached as Annexure – I. The Group change for the said scrips will be effective from Thursday July 6, 2017.




Mangesh Tayde

Senior Manager –Listing Operations (CRD)

Contact No. 2272 8846


30th June, 2017