Notice No20190517-3Notice Date17 May 2019
SubjectAdditional Exposure Margin on Securities under MWPL


This is in furtherance to BSE Notice No. 20190318-42 dated March 18, 2019 on Exposure margin of security under MWPL.

The Exchange shall levy additional exposure margin @15% in equity derivatives segment on securities in which top 10 clients account for more than 20% of MWPL. However, for securities wherein additional surveillance margin is applicable, the higher of additional exposure margin as stated above or additional surveillance margin shall be levied. Scrips shall be identified under this framework based on 3 months rolling data and shall be reviewed on a monthly basis.

This framework shall be effective from May 31, 2019, immediately after the expiry of May 2019 contracts. List of securities shortlisted is attached at Annexure A.


In case of any further queries, members are requested to contact on 2272 8811 / 2272 5092.



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Piyush Chourasia                                                                                                      Usha Sharma

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