Notice No20191101-3Notice Date01 Nov 2019
SubjectApplication Programming Interface (API) for Weekly submission of Holding Statement

This has reference to the Exchange Notice no. 20190802-34 dated August 02, 2019 on the weekly Submission of Holding Statement data to the Exchange wherein stock brokers are uploading data in two formats to Exchange –

 1) DP-wise, Client wise & ISIN-wise security balances.   2) Client details with nil securities balances.

Based on representations received from Members, back-office software vendors and to ensure ease of submission, following modifications have been made in the API specification document, in consultation with other Exchanges:

·         Number of json objects in request is increased to 500000 records from the existing 10000 as to reduce the number of request per user.

·         Endpoints of the URL for the API have been specified.

·         Password parameter provided for login endpoint will be in encrypted format.

·         Message and errorCode key/parameters in login/logout response json have been replaced with status and code respectively.

·         VersionNo and recId have been newly added in Holding/Nil request json.

·         Message, errorCode & headerMessage key/parameter in the Holding/Nil response json have been replaced with status, hdrCode and hdrStatus respectively.

·         VersionNo, recId, code and ackId have been newly added in Holding/Nil response json.

·         Master list of codes have been defined.

·         MemCode and Login Id have been removed from authorization.

·         Parameters named dmat, accountType, ucc, clientName, pan, isin, securityType, totalPldgQty, freeBalQty, totalQty and action have been removed from response json for Holding/Nil.


An updated API specification document is enclosed as Annexure-I. All Trading Members are advised to refer the same for building the API.


A mock facility will be provided by the Exchange in due course to test the API system. The relevant details of the mock facility and other particulars will be communicated through separate notice(s) by the Exchange. On completion of the testing period, the Exchange shall migrate to API based submission for the weekly securities holding data.


All stock brokers are advised to take note of the same and ensure preparedness to meet this requirement.


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