Notice No20170829-26Notice Date29 Aug 2017
SubjectClarification on reporting of securities balance under the Enhanced Supervision Framework
In continuation of notice no. 20170731-28 dated July 31, 2017 regarding submission of data through (URL: BEFS >> Enhanced Supervision >> Client Funds Security Balance, Trading Members are requested to note that the clients’ securities balance required to be reported to the Exchange will be with respect to the clients’ securities held in demat accounts of the Trading Member,  tagged as client account/ collateral account etc.
Further, securities in the demat account(s) of the clients, opened with the Trading Members in their capacity as a Depository Participants or with any other Depository Participant for facilitating online trading by client is not required to be reported.
For and On behalf of BSE Ltd.  
Gopalkrishnan Iyer
Sr. General Manager
(Brokers’ Supervision)