Notice No20190206-28Notice Date06 Feb 2019
SubjectRevision of Price Bands

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that as a part of review of the surveillance action, the price band are revised in the various scrips. List of the scrip with revised price band is enclosed as Annexure. The revised price band as indicated there under will be effective from February 07, 2019.


Please note that scrips in T, Z, P, MT, ZP and XT group will continue to attract a price band of 5% or lower, as applicable.



In case any clarification required, please contact Mr. Yathartha Naik / Mr. Pranay Adhikari (2272 8497 / 2272 3030)




For & On behalf of BSE Ltd.





Yogendra Daxini                                                                 Jeevan Noronha        

Asst. Gen. Manager                                                  Senior Manager

Surveillance                                                             Surveillance




February 06, 2019.

Annexure to Notice.xls