Notice No20180912-39Notice Date12 Sep 2018
SubjectOrder in the matter of BSP Infrastructure & Construction Limited



All Trading Members of the Exchange


  Sub:  Interim Order Cum Show cause notice under Sections 11(1), 11(4) and 11B of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992, in the matter of BSP Infrastructure & Construction Limited (BICL).


SEBI, vide its Order no. WTM/GM/IMD/56/2018-19 dated September 12, 2018 has inter-alia directed BICL (PAN : AAECB0693B) and its directors / promoters and debenture trustee Biplab Bose (PAN : AGNPB6167G), Pradip Samaddar (PAN : AOYPS5605P), Gopal Chandra Ghosh (PAN : ANRPG9975A), Bidhan Ojha (PAN : AAHPO9249A), Parimal Ghosh (PAN : AXIPG7875L), Komaju Krishna Achary (PAN : AJDPA6333N), Chitta Ranjan Das (PAN : ANTPD8408K), Surendra Kumar Panigrahi (PAN : ALCPP3550B), Ratikanta Mishra (PAN : AMTPM4654P), Saiful Islam Khan (PAN : BCVPK6318M), Sushanta Nandy (PAN : AGKPN7436P), Amol Sardar, Siddheshwar Mondal, Tarun Kumar Saha, Swapna Samaddar (PAN : ATIPS3261N), Rekha Bose (PAN : AHRPB1485G), Kajal Das (PAN : AGBPD0997J) and Asit Bose (PAN : AEAPB6961K), not to access the securities market or buy, sell or otherwise deal in the securities market, either directly or indirectly, or associate themselves with any listed company or company intending to raise money from the public.



This Order shall come into force with immediate effect.


A copy of the said Order is attached herewith and also available on the SEBI website


Trading members are advised to take note of the same and ensure compliance.






Shaila Valsan                                                                          Avijit Sarkar                 

Manager                                                                                  Assistant Manager 

Surveillance                                                                            Surveillance



Date:  September 12, 2018


Order in the matter of BSP Infrastructure Constru