Notice No20181206-35Notice Date06 Dec 2018
SubjectIncentives for Non-Competitive Bidding of G-sec and T-bills and Submission of GST Invoice

Trading Members are requested to refer to Exchange Notice No. 20181116-47 dated November 16, 2018 regarding Incentive for Non-Competitive Bidding of G-sec and T-bills. For wider participation in said Non-Competitive bidding facility, it is proposed to introduce an incentive scheme for trading members.


In view of the above, a new file providing incentive information shall be provided to the members on monthly basis. Trading members desirous of claiming incentive on their bidding, calculated at the end of the month, are required to submit GST invoices. GST Invoice upload option has been activated in BSE Electronic Filing System (BEFS) under option G – Sec Invoice > Tax Invoice Upload (G-SEC)


Trading Members are required to note following information while uploading their GST Invoice:


  • Select Tax Claim Period
  • Provide Tax Invoice Number.
  • Members are required to provide either CGST Amount & SGST Amount or IGST Amount.
  • Members are required to upload GST Invoice in the prescribed format provided by the Exchange in BEFS in PDF form.
  • Members are required to save & submit the Invoice.
  • Invoice will flow to the Exchange for approval.

On successful submission of GST invoice by members, Exchange shall make payments of incentives in G-Sec and T-Bills along with GST component. The GST Invoice must include following details:


  • Invoice should be prepared on official letterhead of the company and include details such as Name, Address, Telephone Number, Member ID

·         GST Invoice should be addressed in the name of ‘BSE Ltd’ with GSTIN of the Exchange 27AACCB6672L1ZA included in the Invoice.

·         Date of the Invoice

  • GST Invoice No.   (a consecutive serial number not exceeding sixteen characters, in one or multiple series, containing alphabets or numerals or special characters hyphen or dash and slash symbolized as “-” and “/” respectively, and any combination thereof, unique for a financial year; Eg: 086_2017-2018/01)
  • GST Identification Number (GSTIN) of Trading Member
  • Service Accounting Code (SAC Code)- 997152

·         PAN Number.

·         TAN Number.

·         Period for which Bidding of G-sec and T-bills Incentive is claimed. (period of Bidding of G-sec and T-bills from date to date)

·         Break up of GST component claimed divided into following components

    • CGST Amount,
    • SGST Amount,
    • IGST Amount if any,
    • Total GST Amount Claimed (CGST+SGST or IGST)
    • Total Invoice Amount (Bidding of G-sec and T-bills Incentive withholding tax + total of GST component)
  • Signature of Authorised Signatory.  

Trading Members who are liable to pay GST on their supplies may issue invoice to Exchange charging GST on the amount of Incentive passed on to them and the said GST shall also be reimbursed to members after deduction of tax as applicable. Member are requested to file their GSTR 1 accordingly. It may be noted that in case of mis-match, GST amount reimbursed by BSE shall be recovered along with interest.

The file format and sample file for incentive information, GST invoice format and declaration for non-registration of GST is attached as Annexure. The incentive file shall be provided in Extranet under GSEC-Transactions folder.


For any queries in this regard, members are requested to contact Mr. Piyush Shelat 022-22728197/8377/8226 or send an email on


For & on behalf of BSE Ltd,



Ketan Jantre

Sandeep Pujari

GM – Trading Operations

AGM – Trading Operations