Notice No20190201-19Notice Date01 Feb 2019
SubjectUnique Identifier for Algorithms

This is with reference to SEBI Circular No. SEBI/HO/MRD/DP/CIR/P/2018/62 dated April 09, 2018 regarding “Measures to strengthen Algorithmic Trading and Co-location / Proximity Hosting framework”. As specified in the circular, all Algorithmic orders need to be tagged with a unique identifier provided by the Exchange from time to time.


Further as per Exchange notice no. 20180420-19 dated April 20, 2018 and notice no. 20180919-41 dated September 19, 2018 wherein provision for capturing the ALGO ID and mandatory tagging of ALGO Id assigned by the Exchange for approved ALGOS was specified.


Trading Members are advised the following:

·         to adhere to the above-mentioned circulars and ensure that all Algorithmic orders are tagged with the unique identifier allocated by the Exchange.

·         to ensure that only ALGO orders are tagged with Algo Id.


In case of any deviation from the above circulars, appropriate action shall be initiated which includes penalty as given below. The same shall be effective from February 15, 2019 as per below slab:


No. of Instances of continuous non-compliance (on rolling basis)

Penalty per day (In Rs)

Upto 30


31 -45


More than 45



For any further queries, trading members may contact at the below mentioned coordinates:


Contact Person

Tel. Nos.


Jalpesh Jansari


Santosh Bhandary




For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.



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