Notice No20190131-14Notice Date31 Jan 2019
SubjectChange in EMDI/ EOBI multicast IP of certain products in equity and equity derivatives segment

In continuation to notice (20190129-3) dated 29th January 2019, all members kindly note that with the change in partition ID of certain products, the EOBI/ EMDI multicast IP and ports for those products will also change.


We have partition wise EOBI/ EMDI multicast streams and thus movement of product from one partition to other would mean that the market data for that product will not be available from the multicast stream of the partition where it originally belonged, and it will be available from the multicast stream of the new partition where it has been moved.


The product movement will be happening over next few days and detailed schedule of when the respective product will be moved to another partition is provided in the attached schedule along with the existing and new partition ID. The market data for that product will be available from the new partition multicast stream from the effective date published in the schedule.


All members are requested to make necessary changes in their EOBI/EMDI applications if any, for the above activity of product movement.


For further queries on this, you may contact IML techsupport team on 22728053/8770 /email -



For & on behalf of BSE Ltd,




Ketan Jantre

Arvindkumar Iyengar

Sr.GM – Trading Operations

Sr.GM – Information Technology