Notice No20220114-35Notice Date14 Jan 2022
CategoryCorporate ActionsSegmentDebt
SubjectDelisting of Securities.

 Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the Securities enumerated in the file titled Annexure 14012022  attached herewith, which have been suspended will be delisted effective from 17th January, 2022 (DR-200/2021-2022).


Please note that  the securities enumerated in attached file are  Debt/Mutual Fund/ Commercial Paper  Securities which have been suspended from time to time due to Maturity and or Record Date fixed for Redemption and /or  delisting.



Mangesh Tayde

Assistant Gen. Manager –Listing Operations (CRD)

14th January, 2022


Attached: Annexure 14012022

Annexure 14012022.pdf