Notice No20190131-15Notice Date31 Jan 2019
SubjectTrading of Treasury Bills (T-Bills) in Equity Segment


Trading Members may note that Exchange will be offering the trading facility in Treasury Bills (T-Bills) in Equity Segment. The trading parameters for the same are given below:

Equity Segment
Scrip group
‘G’ Group
Lot Size
10 and multiple of 10
Price Quotation
The T-Bills shall be quoted in actual price of the security. The price precision shall be up to 2 decimals e.g., 98.99
Order Matching
Order matching in these securities shall continue to be based on the existing price-time priority mechanism
Available Securities
91 Days, 182 Days and 364 Days T-Bills
(All outstanding T-Bills will be available. All new issues of T-Bills will be made available for trading after allotment by RBI)
Tick Size
Rs. 0.01
Price Band
+/- 2% (subject to upper limit of Rs. 100)
Settlement Mode of Security
Dematerialized Mode only
Eligible Members
All members eligible to trade in Equity  segment can deal in T- Bills

The trades shall be settled on a T+2 rolling basis.
A fixed margin of 10% shall be levied on all trade in T- Bills.
Procedure for shortage handling will be same as applicable to Government Securities traded in G-Group.
Transaction charges shall be same as applicable to G group.
Trading in T-Bills will commence from Friday February 01,2019.
Trading Members are requested to contact the following officials of the Exchange for any further queries: 

Mr. Sunny Trisal
022 2272 8057
Mr. Ankit Parekh
022 2272 8377

Bhushan Mokashi                                                                                                        Sandeep Pujari
Additional General Manager                                                                                      Assistant General Manager
Listing Operations                                                                                                       Trading Operations