Notice No20190531-40Notice Date31 May 2019
SubjectRenewal of broker indemnity insurance policy

As per notice nos. 20160630-17 dated June 30, 2016 and 20160729-6 dated July 29, 2016, active trading members are required to upload and submit the Indemnity Insurance Policy through BEFS.


System generated alert emails are being sent to trading members to renew the indemnity insurance policy. Upon renewal of the policy, the details are required to be submitted along with policy document through BEFS within 30 days from the date of maturity of the previous policy.


In case the details are not furnished within the stipulated timeframe, it would be treated as non-compliance and late submission charges of Rs.100/- per day shall be levied till the date of submission/uploading of proof of the valid indemnity insurance policy on BEFS portal.


In case any further clarification is required in this regard, trading members may please contact Mr. Umesh Anchan (022-22728397) / Ms. Savita Deshmukh (022-22728024) or send email to






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