Notice No20220623-45Notice Date23 Jun 2022
SubjectGuidelines for DR mock dated Saturday, 25 June 2022.

In continuation to exchange notice nos.  20220623-2, 20220623-3, 20220623-4, 20220623-5 dated 23 June 2022, please find mentioned below guidelines for the said mock.


1.      Connection Parameters at DR site

·         Trading members shall be required to set the technical connection parameters of the DR                      site at their end, if not done already. These parameters are enclosed herewith as Annexure 1.

·         Trading members connecting to the BOLT Plus trading system using BOLT TWS/IML can       change the settings in the configuration setting window. Trading members connecting through ETI shall have to set up the DR connection parameters in their ETI based trading application, as appropriate.

·         Further, trading members may kindly note that it is recommended to maintain DR site connection parameters provided in Annexure 1, in their trading application for mock trading session from DR site, as mentioned above. 


2.      Connection Parameters of other Exchange systems at DR site

·         Trading members can connect to other Exchange web-based systems like RTRMS, ZT, CLASS collateral, Extranet, etc through the weblinks (url) provided in the enclosed Annexure 2 using their existing user id & password.

·         To connect the online trade file application, members shall have to change the remote server IP & port settings in the setting.ini file as per the DR connection parameters provided in Annexure 2.  


3.      Members are requested to note that Exchange shall shift its operations from primary (PR) site to Disaster Recovery (DR) site anytime during the mock session upon receiving intimation from SEBI. Further, it shall be a non-graceful shutdown from the PR site. Trading members shall be required to set the technical connection parameters of the DR site at their end, if not done already. These parameters are enclosed herewith as Annexure 1.


4.      All the outstanding orders shall be purged before the start of trading from BCP site. Members using trading application developed in house or by third party vendors connecting via ETI API should clear the outstanding orders of PR session before trading from DR site.


5.      Trades resulting from this session shall not attract any obligation in terms of funds / securities pay-in and/or pay-out.


6.      Co-location facility shall not be available for Commodity Derivatives Segment.

7.      Members shall be able to download trades through OTD.


8.      Reconciliation of Trades 

The retransmission of trades which were executed at PR site, will not be available from DR site. The DR site will provide the retransmission of trades which are executed on DR site only.  The RTRMS system of exchange will provide the trades of PR and DR both at any given point in time. The member applications should reconcile their trades with RTRMS for consistent picture. . The trades present in RTRMS system being the final obligation, any other trades present in member application has to be cancelled by member application in their books.  


9.      Trade ID sequence  

The Trade ID sequence number at PR and DR will be different and detailed circular is published on that vide circular number 20210629-45 dated 29th June 2021 


10.  Market Data Reset at DR site 

The market data sequence number across all streams such as EOBI/EMDI/MDI will be reset, and it will start with 1. The snapshot stream of EOBI/EMDI will not provide any snapshot data points generated at PR site. The statistical information field such as Open/High/Low/Weighted Average Price/LTP/LTQ will be reset to start of the day state at DR site.


11.  Passwords

The Session and user password will be same at PR and DR site for logging into the trading system. Thus, if a password is changed on PR site during the day then the changed password will be applicable at DR site also.


12.  Limits 

The Order limits such as single order limits, Gross buy/sell limits etc. will not be carried to DR site intraday. Thus, any change in limits setting done during the day for any session n RTRMS at PR site will not be applicable at DR site. The Changes will have to be done in RTRMS again when switchover to DR is done.


In case of any queries or clarifications, trading members may kindly get in touch with their respective Relationship Manager or contact either the BSE Helpdesk or the IML Info/ IML Tech Support team teams for any clarification/ queries on this circular –


TWS users and IML users (third party empaneled vendors & in-house system developers)

IML Tech Support


Help Desk

022-45720400/600  022-69158500;     




 For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.,


Ketan Jantre

Sandeep Pujari

Sr. GM - Trading Operations

DGM – Trading Operations