Notice No20190329-21Notice Date29 Mar 2019
SubjectStandardization of Register of Securities, Holding Statement, Bank Book and Client Ledger – “Upload of Holding Statement”

This is in continuation to Exchange Notice No. 20180830-31 dated August 30, 2018 & 20181115-27 dated November 15, 2018; 20190104-33 dated January 4, 2019 regarding standardization of Register of Securities (ROS), Holding Statement, Bank book and Client Ledger.


Stock Brokers are advised to comply with the requirement and upload the Holding Statement data electronically for all calendar days of the reporting week on or before the next four trading days of subsequent week through BEFS Portal.


Accordingly, Stock brokers are requested to upload the data for the week ending on March 31, 2019 by April 4, 2019.


Kindly note that data file can’t be revised after the due date of submission and file with success status shall be considered as final submission.


Stock brokers are required to upload the day-wise Holding Statement by selecting the working day and accordingly upload the holding statement for each day as a separate file in the prescribed format.

File Format should be CSV (Comma separated) + Zip. Same is attached as Annexure -1.

Please find attached User manual (Annexure - 2) for submitting the information for ready reference.

In case of any clarification required you may connect on:

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For and On behalf of BSE Ltd.  



Kiran Sawant                                                                              Ajinkya Nikam                     

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